Welcome to Pixality®

Pixality® makes complex concrete structures simple. We exist to close the gap between design, manufacturing and construction capabilities.

With years of experience working with architects, builders and contractors, we understand working with concrete (especially off-form or high class) can be unnerving, difficult and risky.

We also understand that due to its inherent characteristics, there is an appetite to use concrete to create amazing shaped structures.

With Pixality, almost any imaginable shape can be made out of concrete.

Why limit concrete design to basic shapes when digital fabrication allows for so much more.

At Pixality, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with concrete.

Welcome to Pixality.

Who are we?

Our vision is to help companies create amazing concrete architecture.

Whether you’re an architect designing your masterpiece or a builder/contractor faced with constructing it, we can help.

We specialise in making moulds for concrete applications.

We offer design, consulting and manufacturing services.

Together, anything is possible.


for creative minds

What we do

We are design and manufacturing specialists of complex moulds for architectural concrete.

Pixality® offers a range of products and services including, but not limited to, the following:

  • 3D modelling and visualisation
  • Practical design input and advise
  • Mould manufacturing
  • Liaison with architects, engineers, builders, contractors and suppliers
  • Consulting services

Our primary objective is to ensure that concrete elements created for a project are supportive and true to the overall design intent envisioned by the architect. It also needs to be practical to manufacture and construct. Pixality brings it together.

  • solutions

What people say about us

Pixality has helped us solve multiple concrete related issues. He did xyz and it helped us greatly onsite and saved us time and money.

Scott, Owner - High end residential builder (20 years experience)

I am so glad I found pixality. They always deliver my creative ideas and interpret my brief with clear vision

Mick, Owner - Precast Contractor

Pixality basically runs our company for all things complex…

Kevin, Managing Director - Formwork supply company

Pixality is really cool. We love what they do and know you will too. You should give them a call and start doing business with them… great company!

Sami, Owner - GFRC company

Specialising in solutions for:



Creating re-usable molds
Allows companies to re-produce concrete structures and cure in a controlled environment ready for transportation to the construction site and lifted into place.



Carried out at the building sites.
We are specialists when it comes to planning the concrete pour and casting onsite. This is a versatile process and allows us to adapt to different conditions that may be present.



Glass fiber-reinforced concrete
Strong and durability, we utilise the GFRC composition to produce lighter weight structures where load needs to be reduced while retaining an aesthetic presence.

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